Personal Loan Interest Rates

Warning About Borrowing

If you are considering applying for a personal loan, there are many things that you need to first consider. Interest rates and fees are what you should first take into account. Since a personal loan is a short term loans, rates of interest are usually higher compared to other type of loans. The APR rate may go up to more than 199.99%.

The best way to figure out the charges is to use the personal loan interest rate calculator. The complete cost of your loan will depend on the amount borrowed and duration. Make sure that you compare all the potential lenders to determine which one has the lowest APR and finance charges.

Here is a brief Example of Rates & Costs:

If you are borrowing $1000 for 6 Months, You will pay approx $1488.
$200 (20% Establishment Fee of total loan amount)+ $288 (4% Monthly Rate Interest)
(These rates are just a numeric example according to standard rates of ASIC & NCCP Act 2009.)

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