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These unsecured business Loans Are Useful To

  1. Business Cash Flow
  2. Business Billing Payments
  3. Commercial Vehicle Purchase
  4. Business Expansion
  5. Equipment and Machinery Purchase
  6. Marketing and Business Events
  1. Websites and Digital Marketing of Business
  2. Pay for Business Franchise
  3. Commercial Property Purchase
  4. Business Line of Credit
  5. Inventory Finance
  6. Other Business Purposes


Lowest rate is 9.9% p.a. simple interest rate. The lender uses a risk-based pricing model to determine applicable rates using factors such as industry, years in business, cash flow and creditworthiness. Rates for small business loans range from 9.9% to 26.5% p.a. simple interest rate. The lowest rate is only available to applicants with the strongest cash flows, business experience and credit ratings. Eg. a $10,300 12-month loan (comprising a $10,000 disbursement and $300 origination fee) with a simple interest rate of 9.9% p.a. would have total repayment amount of $11,320. Approval is subject to credit assessment. Fees, terms and conditions apply. These rates apply to Lender’s small business loan product only.

I’m Interested, But First a Few Questions…


Application is easy, all you need to do is get in contact with us and we can start the initial process to find a loan that suits your business. Then once we start the ball rolling everything will fall into place, it’s that easy.

For most loan approvals can be in as little as 24hours. However, this is dependent on the heath of your business, but we will always get the loan approved as fast as possible, and we will be in contact to provide updates as often as you need.

While this is dependent on the loan provider, it is best to have available your ABN/CAN, driver’s licence, trading business bank details and some basic details about your business, this may include how long it has been operating, the structure and turnover. The more details you have, the better.

The longer a business has been operating, the easier it is to get approved. However, we will examine each business as it currently stands. A new venture may be a higher risk, but that does not mean approval is impossible. Get in touch today so we can find a loan provider that suits.

The length of the loan can be determined by yourself and the business loans provider. However most often the minimum terms are 3 months and the maximum are 12 months.

If you have the means to pay the loan out early, then this is a possible option; in some cases, the provider can offer a discount on the remaining interest.

We do not offer loans from providers that have add-on fees to your loan. We see this as being unethical and it is not something that we do.

We will always try our best to get a good rate for our clients, but the rates are usually determined by the providers and their risk assessment results.

Our services come with no obligation to take the loan that has been offered.

In most cases security is not required for the loan to be approved. Loans are often based on a business risk assessment, so security is not needed. Which is perfect for business that are not heavily invested in material items.

The loan can be used for any business endeavour. If you can provide details on what the loan will be used for and how it will affect your business, this can go in your favour for reducing your business risk assessment.