Home Loans Options If You Are Self Employed!

by / Thursday, 11 June 2015 / Published in Home Loans

Being a self employed, give the relaxing life where one works for himself and enjoy becoming own boss. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular careers in Australia where people are taking their future in own hands and becoming self sufficient. But at times self employed people run into the problem when they try to apply for home loans to buy their dream house.

Self employed people are usually considered risky borrower by lenders as their income fluctuates from month to month and they are unable to offer necessary documents to satisfy the loan provider. This is the reason, it is important for self employed to apply for the home loans that are specially designed to meet their needs.

People who are self employed and wish to buy their dream house should look around in the money market for the apt deal that suits their particular situation. When it comes to borrowing home loan, it is crucial to provide the right documents at the right time. However, still there are some home loans options available if you are self employed and not in the position to provide all the essential documents.

Home Loans Options for Self Employed

Here Are The Lending Options That Some Lenders Are Still Willing To Offer Self Employed People.

Low Documentation Loans

Low Doc Home Loan is the specialized monetary support for the self employed people who need cash advances for buying their dream house but unable to provide the documents of financial statements or tax return. These are offered by non-bank lenders to the self employed who is running their business, working as a freelancer, etc.

In this you just need to tell lender your income through papers which you can provide. In most of the cases, they don’t verify the amount borrower make and the source of their income. The process of availing these funds is flexible as it holds the simplified paperwork. In order to check genuineness and affordability of the applicant, the lender may ask you to provide some documents such as a recent account statement, 12 months of activity statements of your business, an Australian Company Number/Australian Business Number and a clean credit report to be eligible for the services. The amount and tenure of these services are decided as per the equity of the purchased home and the repaying ability of the self employed.

No Documentation Loans

In this type of loan, lenders don’t verify the income information of the applicant. Instead, they want borrowers to complete the declaration that confirms they can afford the repayment of the loan. This is also called as self certification where one just sign the agreement to make timely repayment. It is the good option for self employed people who have difficulty showing their income proof or tax returns that show low profit in business. It is notable that these are the risky deals for the lenders to offer money to someone with an unverified income. That is why; they might charge high interest rate on these loans as come to loan with full documentation.

Both these home loans options are suitable for self employed, but it is always wise to choose the option that suits your situation in the finest way. It is must to compare the multiple lending options offer by various borrowers in order to choose the affordable and suitable option to buy your house and get the tag of the homeowner.

Helpful Tips To Get These Funds Easily

  • Credit score of the applicant plays the major role in getting easy cash help so try to improve your rating as much as possible to get easy loan approval.
  • Lenders don’t shy in offering cash where risk is low. So, try to provide a large down payment for your home which attract lender as risk of lending is low.
  • If possible get the joint home loans or provide the co-signer as it give assurance to the lender that their money is in safe hands.