Rates and Costs

Homerates and costs

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Small Personal Loans

Establishment fee

A once-off fee of up to 20% of the principal. The amount is built into repayments.

Ongoing fee

A monthly fee of 4% of the principal. Charged per month, whilst there is an outstanding balance.

Other possible fees

Other fees and charges may be payable. Unfortunately, if you fail to make repayment without notifying us of any changes in your situation, additional fees may be added to the balance of the loan.

If we match you with another lender, then the costs of your loan are subject to that individual lender. We cannot comment on the individual policies of other lenders.

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Funding Within 60 Minutes (Instant Transfers)

*Instant transfer is available to PayID holders with participating Australian financial institutions. Most of the payments are typically settled in under 60 seconds but may be subject to checks and holds at the sending or receiving bank. As the reason, our standard payment transfer time is 24 hours.