Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

Simplify your home buying calculations with our lump sum repayments calculator. Use it to quickly calculate the minimum monthly repayments and amount of interest payable on your home loan. It will also offer you insight into how much you might be able to borrow against a home loan. Start calculating right away!

Lump Sum Repayment

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Years elapsed Loan balance ($) Original With lump sum 0k 2.5k 0k 50k 100k 150k 200k 250k 300k 350k
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1 year 5 months
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Note: The results from this calculator should be used as an indication only. Results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a loan. The specific details of your loan will be provided to you in your loan contract. It is advised that you consult your financial adviser before taking out a loan.
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