What Is The Role Played By A Real Estate Agent During House Buying?

by / Monday, 31 August 2015 / Published in Home Loans

Real estate agents play a huge role in the most important monetary decision of one’s lives. When it comes to buying the home they are the ones that guide buyers through the overwhelming the process of buying the right home and assist in this adventure. These agents are also referred as buyer’s agent as they work to find the right home for buyers.

From finding the right home in right location that matches your finances, to negotiate with the seller and closing the deal, the real estate agent meets numerous duties and responsibilities that reflects his/her important role during house buying. They are also very helpful to avoid the potential pitfalls and get the keys of your new home at the end.

Who Are The Real Estate Agents?

These are the person’s that work closely with the people who wish to buy a home and assist them to complete the relevant steps of purchasing a property. These real estate agents are either fully licensed or act as a representative under some real estate licensed agency. These agents are employed by the home seekers to eliminate the stress and anxiety that one commonly face while buying a property.

Role Played By These Agents While Purchasing Home

These real estate agents provide end to end support service to the home buyer’s in searching and purchasing process. They play a significant role in helping people with:

  • Short listing the properties that most suitable as per the requirement and budget.
  • Provide the accurate summation of the worth of the selected property.
  • Help to check multiple homes and choose the best one.
  • Assist in reviewing the property document by the professional.
  • Negotiate with the seller on buyer’s behalf to get the beneficial deal.
  • Negotiating regarding the deposit and settlement terms as per buyer’s requirements.
  • Help in preparing a Power of Attorney and other required document.
  • Binding for property on buyer’s behalf if home is one sale by auction.
  • Negotiate regarding the access of home before making the final settlement, if requirement arise.
  • Accompany or represent buyer at the final buying step.

Cost Charges For The Service

Real estate agents play an integral role in the successful outcome of buying home. For this service they will charge certain cost for the buyer which is discussed below:

  • The fee for the assistance from start to end of the purchase will cost approximately 2% of the purchase price.
  • The charges of the property that buyer found themselves will varies as per the work and time devoted by the agent or the purchase price.
  • Consultancy fees may also be charged by some agents.

Piece of Advice

In case you decided to take the help of real estate agent in buying home then it is recommended to speak with several agents regarding their service and charges before choosing one. This will help you to get the right service agent that helps you to buy your dream home.