Which Is Better A Fixed Or Variable Rate for Home Loan?

by / Saturday, 05 September 2015 / Published in Home Loans

A mortgage is the crucial financial commitment that is why it is important to choose the right home loan. While looking for the monetary product it is essential that home buyer must check the loan features, benefits and interest rate vigilantly to make sure the chosen option best suits his/her current financial position.

Cheaper Always Isn’t The Best

First and foremost thing to keep in mind while picking the financial product from market is that cheapest loan is not necessarily mean that it is best for your situation especially when it carry long tenure. Thus, it is important that you understand the total repayable amount, pattern of repayment and the interest charges which help to make the decision that work in your favor. It is essential that you pick the lending scheme with type of interest that is best for your current as well as future situation.

Fixed V/S Variable Rate Loan

About Variable Rate Loan

Variable rate loans are those rates that often go up and down during the loan term as per the change in loan market. In this you are free to make the early or additional repayments at anytime and that without paying any extra charges.

Major Points Regarding Variable Rate Loans

  • The standard variable rate loan provides variety of features and flexibility.
  • The interest rate and installment repayment can change anytime due to market fluctuation.
  • It helps one to enjoy reduced payment when loan market falls but make borrower pay higher when loan market strengthens.
  • In case you have extra funds than you can make unlimited payment to pay loan at faster pace and get rid of the debt in shorter duration.
  • Overview Of Fixed Rate Loan

    On the other hand, fixed rate loans are those loans in which interest rate are fixed and don’t change with the change in market. The repayment of very installment remains same through the loan terms. In this you will know the exact installment amount of every month that helps in making the budget. It also gives protection from the increased interest rate.

    Important Considerations

    • Allow to know the exact repayment amount and enjoy the fixed monthly payment for a set period of time.
    • Fixed home loans give confidence to maintain the budget within your earnings.
    • The accurate planning helps to give you a smooth life.
    • These fixed rate loans are little more restricted in terms of making extra payments.
    • Fixed rates are comparatively little higher as compares to variable rate loan.

    Final Verdict

    Home loans available in the online market are very helpful to buy the next home, refinancing your existing loan or carry as a bridging loan. But it is not at all clear which type of interest rate is better to pick with home loan. It is the known that fact that financial experts agree that fixed rate home Loans are definitely a better option for the salaried people who can’t afford to pay higher interest in future due to changing economic scenario. But it is also notable that borrower more likely to pay less overall charges with the variable interest rates.

    This is the reason; it is must that one should take the financial decision after performing lots of research and seeking independent professional advice.