Small Personal Loans

Warning About Borrowing

Need extra cash? Are you weeks away from your next payday? A payday loan could be the best short term alternative! Here at Installment Loans we will do the needful to help you get hold of this loan with ease. So, let no unexpected expenditure bother you anymore. Count on us and our easy loan finding solutions!

This loan is designed to provide you cover till your next payday. They are short term unsecured form of loan. Therefore, you do not have to worry about parting with your valuable assets by placing them as security against the borrowed money. We can help you to find a favorable deal even if you have less than perfect credit status. However, unfavorable credit rate may raise the rate of interest.

There are number of lenders we are associated with. The fee and rate of interest tends to different from one lender to another. To avoid confusions and to help you find what fits your needs we offer a number of loan comparison tools. You can easily compare the rate of interest, features of the loan and other additional charges.

At Installment Loans we also have easy loan calculators. It can be used to calculate interest rates, repayment amount and other fees based on the amount of loan you are planning to borrow and the repayment tenure. Knowing the cost of payday loans in advance will help you to take better decisions.

Repayment should be taken seriously. Since these are short term loans they are offered with high interest rates. Therefore, every time you fail to make timely repayment, the loan amount will keep multiplying. This can lead to serious monetary issues. So, repay on time and stay away from serious debt.

We have a very flexible application procedure. To apply you will simply need to complete a small online form with the necessary details and submit it. Apply and get quick response from us today!