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We only need:
  • 70% LVR
  • Equity in real estate to use as security
  • A Business purpose
  • A Good Exit Strategy
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The Whole Loan Process

Step 1

You need to complete our online application form. Once you do that, it will directly go on to the computer screen of our lending partner’s credit assessment team. After looking into that, our partner team will inform you through the given Email about the rates. Moreover, they will ask about:

  • Mortgage Statements (Latest 3 Months)
  • Photo ID (which shows your home address)
  • Security Property (Documents)

Step 2

After that, our lending partner team will conduct a basic loan assessment for you. As a result, they will send you a Conditional Approval. It includes:

  • Costs of Loan
  • Applicable conditions
  • Also attached to the Conditional Offer is a 1 page Loan Balance Request Form. Any institution (bank or a private lender), who holds the first mortgage over your property needs to complete it. They will directly FAX lending team back. (This form does not apply to the properties with no first mortgage).

Step 3

After going through that Conditional Offer, if you agree and accept it, you have to email or FAX it back to our lending partner. An acceptance fee of $495* is applicable and you need to pay that. (*The fee covers searches of the lending company and the cost of assessing the property value). You can talk to them to know about the payment process. This fee may vary depending on the number of security properties being assessed.

Step 4

After receiving the acceptance fee and the signed offer by email or FAX, the lending company will organize a Market Appraisal with the help of a local real estate agent. This process will take only some hours not so many days.


After doing all this (generally the same day as the signed offer is received by fax or email), and everything is on the marks, the lending company will ask their lawyers to prepare loan contracts for you. This process usually takes 3 hours on a normal business day. Later on, they will email that loan contracts directly to your lawyers.

Step 6

Just you need to sign those loan contracts in the presence of your lawyer. It is a good thing for you as well. You will know, what papers you are signing. You will complete your *identity verification as well.

Step 7

When you sign the contracts, your lawyer will scan it and send it back to the lawyers of our partner lending company. Their lawyers will check the signed contracts and the lending company will lodge the caveat on the title of the security property to secure the debt, advance the funds to the borrower’s nominated bank account.

The funds are normally transferred by Telegraphic Transfer, meaning the borrower has clear funds in just 2 working hours.

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Why Choose Installment Loans?

We at Installment Loans can help you find bridging loans in all shapes and sizes. With us you can get complete details and advise on how and where you can get feasible deals of this loan. Tell us your current status and requirements and we will let you know if applying for a bridging loan is appropriate for you and your present situation.

Interest Rates
Loan Type Amount Term Interest Rate
2ND Mortgage $20K- $5M Up to 12 Months (Maybe More*) 1.95% pm*
Short Term Business Loan (Caveat Loan) $20K – $5M Up to 6 Months 4%* pm (No Hidden Fee)

The interest rate starts from 1.95% pm. And for the Short Term Business Loans, we charge 4% per month. For Short Term Business Loans, Interest, Establishment Fee & legal costs are all Capitalised into the loan, so you don’t have to pay them up front! These are standard rates, you might get different rates after applicaion processing.

2nd Mortgage

In brief, the mentioned term “2ND Mortgage” refers to a Secured Business Loan that sits behind your current 1st Mortgage with your bank. If you want some quick funds in the minimum time, this 2ND mortgage loan is a perfect solution for your needs. These funds are available for 12 months or a longer period as well.

Our lending partner usually takes 24 business hours for settlement, once all the documentation is done. This is the best option rather than waiting for months to refinance your 1st mortgage.

This 2ND Mortgage loan is an easily affordable funding option if you own property to provide security. You need to pay interest each month during the term of the loan, as opposed to higher payments with a Principal & Interest Loan.

At the end of this 2ND Mortgage (usually 12 months), you can pay the loan out by selling an asset or refinancing it. The other available option will be extending the loan without paying any additional fee. The same interest-paying circle every month will start again.

*You can use 2ND Mortgage funding for Business purposes only. All the interest and costs are fully tax-deductible in that way.

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Bridging Finance

The term Bridging Finance refers to an amount of loan, which acts as a bridge between your current requirement and upcoming payment. In easy words, if your payment is coming after 15 days and you need immediate funds to crack a business deal or something else, this bridging finance is an option for you to cover the gap. Our short term business loans and 2nd mortgage loans are available for you.

These loans are short term funding solutions. In addition to helping you bridge the gap between the sale and purchase, this loan is also ideal for those who plan to buy property at auction or sell their property quickly after renovating. This loan can also be used for various other reasons such as to buy-to-let, property development and investment.

Bridging loan can be an ideal alternative to mainstream landing. However, ahead of applying for this loan you should carefully plan your exit strategy. . So, ahead of applying you need to confirm if bridging loan is the best solution for you to choose.

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Short Term Business Loans or Caveat Loans

Our secured short term business loans (Caveat Loans) allow a business owner to borrow some quick cash within 24 working hours. These loans do not require any type of credit history check, financials, and valuations. If you have enough EQUITY in real estate to provide the lender as security, these Short Term Business Loans are an ideal solution for you. You can use the borrowed money for any business purpose, such as emergency cash flow, to fill up your inventory or purchasing machinery. To start with us, complete our given application form and one of our lending partners will contact you back within the next 24 business hours.

These Short Term Business Loans or Caveat Loans are for those business owners, who need immediate funds for any commercial purpose and not for longer than 10 months. We are capable of arranging a loan for you if you own property anywhere in Australia.

The term Caveat refers to a legal document, which the lender lodged in government records to maintain the ownership on the property, which you will use as security to get the loan. This Caveat will protect the lender as it will act as a warning for other lenders that the property is underuse as security. There will be no more dealings on that property after a Caveat loan.

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Business Bridging Finance Within 24 Hours.
  • SECURED Business Bridging Loans and 2nd Mortgage
  • Borrow $20,000 – $5 Million
  • Settlement within 24 hours
  • No need to check CREDIT HISTORY
  • No need to check BANK STATEMENT
  • We simply look at the equity in the real estate being offered as security
  • 2nd Mortgage Loans, Settlement within 24 hours
Our Quick Bridging Loans are an Ideal Solution for..
  • Urgent Need of cash for a suitable and best business or commercial deal. (We can transfer $20K – $5M during the next business day.)
  • Making ATO Tax Debts payments and to clear other business dues.
  • Reviving your drowning business. (Sometimes, all we need is a helping hand. )
  • Grabing business opportunities knocking at your door.
  • An Advance On A Refinance.
  • Property Purchase InRecision.


Ans: Yes, Installment Loans is a Direct Lender under ACL 389610. We are in direct partnership with multiple Australian Lenders if the borrower is not meeting with our criteria, we are capable of arranging another suitable lender for him.

Ans: For the 2ND Mortgage, you can borrow $20K- $5M and for the Short Term Business Loan, the amount is also same.

Ans: For 2ND Mortgage, it is 12 Months (maybe more, depends on the lender). In the case of Short Term Business loan, you can borrow for 6 months

Ans: For 2ND mortgage, the interest rate starts from 1.95% pm. And for the Short Term Business Loans, we charge 4% per month. For Short Term Business Loans, Interest, Establishment Fee & legal costs are all Capitalised into the loan, so you don’t have to pay them up front! These are standard rates, you might get different rates after applicaion processing.

Ans: Once you submit all the documents, the lending company usually takes 24 working hours.

Ans: Our lending partners follow a simple monthly repayment cycle for 2ND mortgage loans. For Short Term Business Loans (Bridging or Caveat loans), you can consult with the lender.

Ans: No.

Ans: No.

Ans: 75% on residential and 70% on commercial.

Ans: Yes, our lending partners cover up to 70% LVR.

Ans: Our lending partners are okay with that. They won’t look into it.

Ans: Our lending partners are okay with both of them.

Ans: Our lending partners fund all around Australia. *Some restrictions may apply in NSW & ACT.

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Address: 8 Budawang Street, Parkinson, QLD 4115 Australia
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Australian Credit Licence (ACL): 389610