Car/ Truck Loans

Buying a new car or truck requires huge investment. You may not have the necessary funds. Car/truck loans will offer you the finance you need. At Installment Loans we work to get you the best deal on financing. So, if you are looking for a quick vehicle finance approval, apply with us online!

Car/truck loans can be obtained to buy car and trucks of different model and make. These loans can be taken out against the purchased vehicle as security. We work with a number of online loan lenders who can fulfil your car/truck buying needs by offering you the best available loans deal.

Since applying for a loan means parting from your hard earned money, you should make it count by comparing the vast range of loans available. We will offer you an easy comparison of the rate of interest, fees and also calculate the repayments of the top loans from top lenders. Drawing comparison and using the calculator will ensure that you are getting the best deal for your money.

Approval against car/truck loans will let you get up to 90% of the total value of the vehicle. You may also find lenders offering 100% of the total car value. Go through the details of the loan deals and features to know the amount offered by various lenders. Choose the deal that fulfils your car/truck buying budget as well as suits your repayment ability.

At Installment Loans we will forward your application to all prominent lenders. State us the type of loan you need, how much you can afford to borrow and for how long you need to borrow and we will shortlist lenders for you. The complete application procedure is easy. Quick processing of loan application will ensure that you find a favorable deal of car/truck loans within minutes. So, get started and start comparing some great Australian vehicle loans right away!