Responsible Lending

We at Installment Loans are not direct lender. But we take equal responsibility towards you and your cash needs like any reliable lender. We take responsible lending seriously and try our best to offer honest solutions and treat every application fairly. We have arranged an absolutely secure application procedure. Below you can read more about our approach and what we expect in return from you when you are applying for a loan through us.

When applying for a loan through us you can expect complete assistance. We will help you lay hands on the loan deal that will fulfil your cash requirement completely. We will not just help you find loans at competitive rates, but also show you the various benefits as well as risk involved in obtaining a loan, be it a payday loan, vehicle loan or a home loan. We will give you clear information about the interest charges, cost of borrowing and additional charges.

Assessing your ability to make timely repayment is very important. We will utilise various credit assessment technology to identify that. Obtaining a quick and hassle free approval will be easy if you can confirm that you have a fixed source of income. Depending on what loan you are applying for, your current credit status may or may not be assessed by lenders. Interest charges are usually high for applicants who have less than perfect credit score and apply for short term or unsecured form of loans.

At Installment Loans we treat all applicants equally and try our best to provide the best available solution. We recommend you to borrow loans only if you are capable of repaying it timely. Failed or missed payment can get you into serious money problems. To make sure that you do not overstretch your finances lenders may put limit on your borrowing.

Make sure that you have understood all the terms and conditions clearly based on which a loan can be borrowed. Provide complete and accurate details to avoid rejection. If you need any further information or have any queries feel free to contact us at Installment Loans at any time.


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