Home Loans FAQs

Home loans are financial assistance advanced to a person to assist in buying a house or flat. This loan can also be used to change an excising loan that you already have on your home.

We at Installment Loans are a dedicated intermediary. We will bridge the gap between you and home loan lenders. Once you have submitted the application form you can leave the rest on us. We will forward your application to lenders capable of fulfilling your needs. We also offer you easy comparison facility of interest rates, fees and features of the various loan deals to make your search easy.

Anyone who is an Australian citizen and have a fixed monthly income can apply for a home loan.

Home loan can be applied for various purposes such as to buy your first home, buy your next home and also to refinance your existing home loan.

Yes, it is absolutely safe to apply with us online. We have made use of all the advanced safety measures to ensure confidentiality.

Home loan can be applied before or after you have selected the property. Once you have submitted us your application we will let you know the amount of cash you can avail upon approval based on your current financial status. This will help you to decide your budgets and purchasing cost. After lenders have made all satisfactory verification of the necessary documents and other specific procedures the cash will be deposited directly into your checking account.

We will try to make the complete procedure quick and hassle free. We will immediately forward your application to all efficient lenders. However, subjected to proper documentation provided, it might take a few days to get an approval.

After satisfactory documentation and completion of all other formalities, you will not have to wait for more than a few hours to get the cash disbursed into your bank account.

You can freely contact us at Installment Loans whenever you have any complaint or need any further information related to any of our services.