Home Loan Cost

Understanding the cost of your home loan ahead of applying for it is very important. Along with purchase price there are many other charges that are needed to be considered. To help you take better decisions, at Installment Loans we have a wide range of calculators that you will find useful whenever you are buying a new home, buying your next home or opting for a bridging loan.

Deposit for home loan is usually 10% of the actual purchase price. For taxes and legal costs you may have to pay up to 5%. With the help of the home loan fee calculator, it will be easy for you to determine all of the costs associated with buying or refinancing a property. It will help you to calculate the complete cost of the loan by the end of the loan term.

Ahead of applying you should first check out how much you can actually borrow. Based on your home loan amount estimating the loan monthly repayment will be easy. Your home loan cost will also include stamp duty and other upfront cost.

With us at Installment Loans you can easily estimate all the cost associated with buying a property, based on the loan amount you are planning to borrow and on the purchase price.


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